Kirby The Dorkie's First FaceBook Contest CLOSED

As of today Kirby the Dorkie has 163 FaceBook fans!  We are so grateful for your love and support that we decided the best way to say Thank You is with a contest.

Over the past two years I have entered Kirby’s picture in several contests.  Some of the contests were the kind where people have to LIKE him.  I don’t much care for these because we had to harrass ask people to go to that website or Page and like him and make a comment to get him votes.   Some of the contests were random drawings and some of the contests were picked by staff people.  These are the ones I like.

I’ve seen many of your fur babies so I couldn’t possibly choose the cutest from so many adorkable ones.  I would end up having to go buy more prizes!  So Kirby and I have decided to make this a random drawing contest.

This contest will require you to do two things.  I promise it’s easy and you will have until midnight on January 8 to enter.  First you have to post a picture of your furry baby (dog or cat) on Kirby the Dorkie's FaceBook Fan Page.  Doug loves Kirby but doesn’t have a pet at his apartment so we think it’s ok if you post a picture of a family or friend’s pet if you don’t actually own one right now.  You can also post a picture of a pet who has gone to Rainbow Bridge.  Second, you have to state the title of a post from our blog at that you really liked.  (Yes, we want you to visit our blog and this is a good way to get you there).

I will write down on a slip of paper the name of each person that does these two things.  These slips of paper will then be placed in a glass jar.  On January 9th which just happens to be Kirby’s birthday I will shake up the jar and then dump the papers onto the floor.  The first one Kirby picks up, or at least touches, will be declared the winner!  We will video this event just to be fair and honest. 

Oh yea, there has to be a prize!  What do you think of a brand new hard copy of the book, A Dog’s Purpose?  Hint, hint, there is a review of it on our website.

So, on Kirby’s birthday, he has a present to give to one lucky person.  It could be you!  Good Luck!