Dog Fighting


  • Dogs forced to fight in order to live
  • Bait dogs trying desperately to survive painful attacks
  • Dogs often severely injured--or killed--during the fight. 
  • Fights lasting for hours until one of the dogs quits or dies. 
  • Losers that don't die being tortured, starved to death, or killed outright by their owners. 
  • Stolen "pets" often used for bait dogs.
  • An inhuman illegal sport that must be stopped.
  • Horrific people who must be punished.
  • Stallone is the Face of Dog Fighting...



This video speaks volumes.  My heart broke as I watched this dog who had been through such torture show only love and affection toward his rescuers.  As hard as they tried they couldn't save him.  It is not enough to know he was loved in his final hours because there are many more dogs just like Stallone out there suffering at the hands of the very people they were created to love.


I will speak for these amazing creatures.  Will you?