Kirby Has A Merry Christmas

This year Christmas was different.  A little sad, a little lonely.  My daughter, Tara, went to Louisiana with her boyfriend to spend Christmas with his family.  I didn't like that one bit but I understand.  The time has come to start sharing her with another family. We plan on having Christmas with her and Jordan this weekend.  My son lives in Georgia with his wife and our little granddaughter so we won't see them until near the end of January.  I also miss my dad who passed away in July of 2009. 

So this Christmas it was just Doug and I, and of course, Master Kirby.  Our four legged "child" was the center of attention which I'm sure pleased him to no end.  We spent Christmas Eve at home and then traveled to South Mississippi to spend Christmas Day with Mildred, my step-mom, at her family home.  Kirby had so much fun playing with Jacks and Izzy, Dad and Mildred's bichon frise babies.

This was Kirby's second Christmas.  Let me just say he has been a very good boy this year so Santa Paws was quite generous.  A new collar, tag, and leash.  A new hoodie.  Some new toys.

Oh boy oh boy these are all mine!
Mmmm, this smells interesting...

One present opened!  Too bad they forgot to take a picture of my new collar and leash.

Next present!  I don't smell anything yummy?

This is not right!  Ok, so I like the color and it is warm and soft but I look like a dork.  I'm a DORKIE so would you pulease get this dang thing off my head??

Yippee, new toys!  I got a blue squeaky cat and a squeaky mouse (see it in Doug's other hand)

And another present... what is it?

It's a box!  A box of what?

They said it's a toy but I smell food!!!

I'll do a review very soon of the last present which Kirby loves.  Overall, it really was a lovely Christmas.  Check back over the next few days cos I'll be posting the gift Kirby got for Doug.  Too cute!

We hope you and your furry ones had a wonderful Christmas.  Here's hoping the Christmas SPIRIT lasts all through 2011.