A Dog's Purpose, A Novel

Oh my dog, how I love the book, A Dog’s Purpose, written by W. Bruce Cameron. This tail wagging fictional story takes the reader on a journey through the successive lives of one dog searching for his true purpose in life. Cats are supposed to have nine lives so why not dogs?

The story begins with Toby, a feral dog, who is born and then dies at a young age only to be reborn again and again, each time as a different dog (golden retriever, German shepherd, black Lab) remembering everything he has learned from each past life. Just as he thinks he has accomplished his life's purpose, he discovers a new one eventually leading to his discovery of his one, true purpose.

Turning each page the first person dog dialogue made me feel I was following the thoughts and experiences of a real dog. This dog behaved just like a real dog giving me, the human, insights into what a dog really thinks and feels. Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I cried. Sometimes I thought about my dog and wondered, Is that what you really think?

As the story unfolds his life experiences are filled with just about everything a dog could possibly encounter. There is the unexplainable human/animal bonding, a bit of K-9 search and rescue, and of course the problem with cats, all intertwined in a remarkable story showcasing a dog's great capacity to love and protect. In case you are thinking it's all happy tails, thrown into the mix are the animal welfare issues such as well intentioned rescues, high kill shelters, puppy mills, and people who abuse or neglect animals.

I have had three amazing dogs in my lifetime: Chevas, Sugar, and now Kirby. I have jokingly said Kirby's purpose is me because he gets me through the dark days. Maybe there is some truth to my statement after all. Maybe they are the same dog searching for his one true purpose? This book declares why not!

This is a must read for anyone who loves, or has ever loved, a dog! It is an amazingly believable story soon to become a classic like Black Beauty and Beautiful Joe.

FYI - Movie Insider is already reporting that DreamWorks has bought the screen rights to this bestseller and hired the author to co write the script with his wife, Cathryn Michon. Gavin Polone will produce.