DogTagArt Is Pawsome

Kirby has been wearing a collar with three tags - his ID tag, his rabies tag, and his AVID microchip tag.  Jingle, jingle all day (and night) long!  He is much quieter these days.  The reason?  A brand new tag with all the information on it.  It isn't just any tag, it's a fun, fashionable tag from DogTagArt.  These tags are made from an ultra strong recycled steel core about 1mm thick.  The steel is then coated with an everlasting special polymer that the graphics are then infused on and they are made in the U.S.  They are guaranteed for life but who can resist just one?

I simply logged onto their website and for only $11.99 I found the almost perfect tag for Kirby.  I say almost because I'm going back to make a new one with his picture on the front which will be perfect.

You can choose a pre-made tag from hundreds of colorful designs from funny to patriotic to quirky.  You can even design your own.  If you are really creative you can submit your own designs and get paid for any they choose to sell.  Once you have decided on the design, the next step is to fill in the back of the tag which has four lines available for any information you want to put on the tag.  These are pictures of the one I chose for Kirby.

 It's fun, it's easy, and it's inexpensive.  You know you want to get one and if you need just a little more incentive, here's a special code to save even more:  DTAFRIENDS  So come on, get creative so your dog (and cats too) can be a barkinista just like Kirbs!