Did You Say Dorkie?

Yes I did.  But it’s all in the spelling.

Dorky - to act silly, foolish, stupidly or in other words to act like a dork.  I’ve met a few of those in my lifetime.  Actually some days I can be a little dorky myself!

Dorkie - a hybrid or designer dog created from breeding a Dachshund (Doxie) and a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). As far as I know there are two types of Dorkies being bred: The F1 Dorkie which is a 50/50 mix created by crossing a 100% purebred Dachshund with a 100% purebred Yorkshire Terrier and the F1b Dorkie which is a 25/75 mix created by crossing an F1 Dorkie with either a 100% purebred Dachshund or Yorkshire-Terrier.  These two types are now being registered with the CKC in an effort to establish a new breed.  Are they a mixed breed?  Sure they are, however, all the purebreds began as mixed breeds so why not?  The theory is that all dogs descended from the wolves anyway!  Kirby is an F1b Dorkie since the mother is an F1 Dorkie and the father is a 100% Yorkie.

When you purchase a Dorkie you never really know what you will get because the puppies can pull certain genes from either parent.  To have an idea you need to look at the parent breeds.  The Dachshund and the Yorkshire Terrier are similar dogs in terms of size and temperament. A full grown Dachshund weighs between 15-28 pounds while a Yorkshire Terrier will be about 7 pounds as an adult therefore a Dorkie can range between 5 and 15 pounds.  Kirby weighs 14 pounds at 17 months.  He looks like he weighs much less until you pick him up.  That boy is all muscle.

These dogs were originally bred to be hunters. Dachshunds, with their low long bodies, could enter underground dens of animals such as badgers to flush them out. The terriers were used to chase down and kill small rodents. So you will have a digger!  Kirby loves to dig but hasn’t captured any animals yet, thank God.  So far he has caught bugs, the biggest being a grasshopper.

The Dachshund has a long low to the ground body due to its stubby legs, short hair, floppy ears and an elongated nose. The Yorkshire Terrier has a proportioned body and legs, long hair, erect ears, stubby face, and short muzzle. The body of a Dorkie is long and barrel-chested like a Dachshund with longer legs like a yorkie.  Dorkies can have short to medium hair lengths, a shorter muzzle than a Dachshund, and the ears can be erect or floppy or somewhere in between. The Dorkie is usually black and tan or brown depending on the coloration it inherits from the parents.  Kirby has a long body with yorkie legs and medium muzzle.  His hair is medium length with some wave to it.  His ears are neither erect or floppy, He tends to hold them back or may have one ear up and one ear down.  Kinda dorky, huh?

The Dachshund is loyal but can be stubborn while a Yorkshire Terrier is an energetic and playful creature. Both make excellent companions.  They are actually considered to be lapdogs and enjoy sleeping near their pet parents.  Even though he has two comfy dog beds, Kirby insists on sleeping on my bed with me.  He has been known to burrow under the covers when it’s cold.  It’s not unusual for me to wake up and find him under the covers with his head on a pillow.  Does he think he’s human?

The Dorkie is a very inquisitive intelligent dog who reacts quickly to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smell.  Kirby is practically fearless!  They are quite energetic and crave attention. Kirby can not bear to be ignored for long.  Dorkies tend to have the Dachshund's submissive demeanor diffusing situations with other dogs by rolling onto their backs in submission which contradicts the small dog syndrome.  Kirby leans toward submissive behavior but I think that is because I established myself as pack leader from the beginning.  Thank you Cesar Millan!

Original post on August 9, 2010.

UPDATE:  Kirby is now two years old and has definitely entered the Small Dog Syndrome.  He will not roll over on his back when he encounters a large dog.  He will face them head on as if to say “I want to be friends with you but if not, I’m going down fighting!”  We believe this is because the last time he was submissive he was bitten by a larger dog. You can’t tell me dogs don’t remember!